IonO2x Odor Elimination Systems

IonO2x Odor Elimination Systems is a patented, true Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP) Technology that provides proven odor elimination of offensive organic odors. IonO2x Odor Elimination Systems can treat humid or dry process exhaust gases for any volume of air (single-unit systems for up to 60,000 CFM, and multiple systems for greater than 60,000 CFM).

Eliminate odor complaints.

IonO2x Odor Elimination Technology provides many advantages over other commonly used odor control alternatives, such as bio filters, thermal oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers, regenerative catalytic oxidizers, chemical packed tower scrubbers, and ozone-injectors. With reliable odor elimination of over 90%, low operating costs, simple maintenance, and no water, chemical, natural gas or fuel consumption, IonO2x Odor Elimination Systems is the best solution to your odor problems.